IndieWeb Summit next week

I’ll be in Portland next week for IndieWeb Summit. Marty McGuire has a nice overview and invitation for anyone to attend:

IWS kicks off with a pre-party on Monday evening at the Pine Street Market where you can enjoy some great handmade food and drinks. More importantly, you can meet and befriend some of the most earnest and clever folks I know when it comes to having fun being yourself on the web. You’re likely to share stories about how awful silos like Facebook and Twitter have become, get inspired to build things you didn’t even know you wanted to put on your website, and hatch schemes for what you’d love to learn, discuss, and build over the next two days.

Looking forward to seeing folks there. There’s a lot of interesting work being done in the IndieWeb community, and of course we want to be a great IndieWeb-friendly platform that can make independent blogging even easier. Jean MacDonald and I will be giving an update at IndieWeb Summit about the community and what we’ve learned trying to reach new users.