Micro.blog 1.4

We released a new version of Micro.blog for iOS today with several new features and improvements:

  • Added full-screen viewer for photos in the timeline.
  • Added auto-complete of usernames when composing a new post.
  • Added tapping on your blog hostname in the post screen to switch to a different blog if you have multiple Micro.blog-hosted blogs.
  • Added option to set description on uploaded photos for better accessibility. Tap an attached photo thumbnail before posting to edit the text.
  • Updated the following count in user profiles to show people you are not yet following to help you discover new people to follow.
  • Fixed maximum size when scaling uploaded photos.
  • Fixed potential crash when sharing photos from other iOS apps.
  • Fixed layout issues on new bigger iPhones.
  • Fixed sharing some web page titles.
  • Improved accessibility of menus and buttons in the app.
  • Improved showing push notifications in the app.

You can download Micro.blog version 1.4 from the iOS App Store.