Micro.blog for macOS photo improvements

We shipped version 1.4 of Micro.blog for macOS today. This update includes the following changes:

  • Added clicking on a photo in the timeline to open it in a new window.
  • Added setting alt text on photos for accessibility. Click the photo thumbnail before posting to your blog.
  • Improved how the navigation animates when opening a conversation or user profile.

As part of preparing this release, I accidentally opted in to Dark Mode in macOS Mojave before Micro.blog was ready for it. I’ve released a 1.4.1 update to revert this. However, if you love Dark Mode and want to see the in-progress version of Micro.blog, you can download a beta of version 1.5 here. The timeline and posting screen still have a white background, so when those features are ready we’ll do a final 1.5 release.