New example code: Snippets

It might surprise some developers to learn that the 4 official apps for — the iOS and macOS apps, Sunlit, and our microcasting app Wavelength — don’t actually share very much Objective-C or Swift code. To minimize dependencies and so that we could more easily develop each app quickly on its own schedule, in some cases we’ve duplicated similar networking or controller code between projects. Now that the apps are becoming more mature, we want to consolidate the API logic in a shared codebase.

Jonathan Hays has been developing a Swift-based framework and example app for the API. It has already been added to the next version of Sunlit, and the plan is to add it to the other apps as well. We’re making it available as open source for anyone who wants to use it as a starting point for their own apps. It supports iOS, macOS, and even tvOS. It’s still early, but we welcome any feedback or pull requests. Enjoy!