Tab bar feature request

I love having a business model for that means we can work with third-party developers instead of against them. True story from last week: I’m at dinner with family, and my kids were playing around with the iOS app. While we waited for our table at the restaurant, they were giving me all sorts of feedback, including that should have a tab bar on iOS instead a menu to switch between the timeline and mentions. (I like the current design because it lets the full height of the screen be used for reading posts, and you can swipe anywhere to go back, but that’s beside the point.)

“You should download the third-party app Icro,” I said to them. “It’s a beautiful app that has a tab bar.”

Everyone downloads Icro.

“Oh yeah, dad, Icro is much better than your app.” 🙂

And that’s fine. What we care about is whether more people are blogging, storing photos at their own domain name, and moving away from the massive ad-based social networks. There should be a variety of apps to accomplish that. I’m just happy that an increasing number of apps work so well with