Why attend IndieWebCamp

This weekend is IndieWebCamp Austin, an event for bloggers, web developers, designers, and anyone who wants to create something for their own web site, or to build tools based on IndieWeb standards. You can register here. After my first IndieWebCamp, I wrote:

There’s nothing like meeting in person with other members of the community. I know this from attending Apple developer conferences, but the weekend in Austin only underscored that I should be more active in the larger web community as well.

It’s invaluable to chat with someone in person. This year, we’ll have IndieWeb co-founders Tantek Çelik and Aaron Parecki back in Austin. I’m looking forward to hearing how the IndieWeb has moved forward in the last year.

Sticky notes

The first day of IndieWebCamp is for introductions and sessions. Topics for sessions are based on what attendees want to hear about, so the planning is done with sticky notes that can be rearranged to find a schedule that works for everyone. This is a photo I took from IndieWebCamp in 2017.

I look at IndieWebCamp as a way to take a break from the day-to-day routine and get inspired again — to improve my own web site or discover a new part of Micro.blog to work on. As I was talking about with Daniel on the latest Core Intuition, because the 2nd day of IndieWebCamp is a hack day, it’s also a great environment to work on something you’ve had trouble finishing… or starting! There are other people around to help answer questions, and a nice block of time to focus on one thing.

If you’re in the Austin area, hope to see you there on Saturday! You can learn more here.