Exporting a blog archive

Over a year ago I proposed a new blog archive format. The idea was to have a better way to save the posts and photos in your blog, or move your blog to another platform. I’m happy to announce that Micro.blog can now export in this format.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click Posts → Export → “Export in blog archive format”.
  • Micro.blog will generate the archive, which is an HTML file with Microformats, a JSON Feed of all posts, and a folder of uploaded photos. The HTML file uses relative img references so you can open it directly without a server. The JSON Feed includes both HTML and Markdown. (Micro.blog actually uses Hugo to generate the HTML. I’ve made the theme available on GitHub.)
  • The archive is zipped and renamed with the .bar file extension. When you download a .bar file, you can rename it .zip to open it, but having a new extension should make it more convenient to copy the file or import it into other apps.
  • Micro.blog uploads the file to S3 and sends you an email when it’s available to download.

If you’ve uploaded a lot of photos, the archives can be fairly big. It’s working well for my blog and I’ll be monitoring it to see how well it works for other blogs. If you have a blog-related app that could import or export this format, let me know!