• Faster publishing in Micro.blog

    Last week I parked myself at a coffee shop one morning and re-architected how blog publishing in Micro.blog works. As some of you know, hosted blogs on Micro.blog are based on Jekyll. While this has some advantages that I wrote about in 2016, it brings some performance drawbacks as well. I’ve incrementally improved it with tweaks over the last year, but last week I finally blocked out enough time to solve more of the performance trade-offs with using Jekyll.

    When you post to Micro.blog now, it will publish your new blog post on the web right away. It will also update the JSON Feed and bring the new post into the timeline. Then in the background, it will update the site index and other related pages.

    This should have a dramatic impact to posting and seeing the new post show up in the Micro.blog timeline, especially for blogs with thousands of posts. Moving my own site (and it’s 2700+ blog posts) from WordPress to Micro.blog has been a great way to test these changes.

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